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Predict the future

RealityLeague.TV is where you can place your predictions on your favorite reality shows and events. Do you ever find yourself saying 'I knew it!'? Prove it.

Getting Started

Joining RealityLeague.TV is easy. Click the login link above or here and get instant access and some free points to play with. Get in and start by finding a game you would like to play on. Games have rounds and contestants that you can place a bet against to win that round. Voting on the round gets locked before the event starts, and once a winner is announced you can earn double your bet. You can play against the world with the world league or create your own league and compete against your friends, family, co-workers, or dolphins.

Our Latest Projects


Leagues are groups of people just like you. You can compete against everyone in the world league. Or, you can make your own league to compete against your co-workers, poker group, spouse, knitting partner, whoever. The goal is to be better than them, prove it by creating a public or private league now.